!!! People with an entry-exit stamp on their passports are not allowed to enter the country!!!



We strongly recommend that you consult the consulate of your country of citizenship for the visa procedure so that you do not have any problems at the airport before your flight for the tour you will participate in. We remind you that the visa application of the country you are going to is the responsibility of the guest and our agency does not accept any responsibility in this regard.

For foreign guests to apply for a visa from Turkey through our agency;

• Having resided in Turkey for at least 1 year as of the date of visa application appointment

• Being an employer in Turkey (must be able to present at least 6 months active tax plate)

• Person working in Turkey (at least 3 months of insurance can present)


Departure Places:ANTALYA AIRPORT

We meet in front of the Pegasus Airlines check-in desk at Antalya Airport international terminal on Sunday, 08.10.2023, at 22:30, for check-in and passport procedures. After our baggage procedures, we fly to Amman at 01:10 with flight PC 1800.


In Amman, where we will arrive at 02:50 local time, we meet our vehicle waiting for us after our passport and customs procedures are completed and move to our hotel where we will stay. After the check-in procedures, we rest a little and set off for the ancient city of Jerash first. In 749 AD, the ancient city of Jerash, which was buried under the ground for centuries, was built on mountains and valleys. Jerash is one of the best preserved ancient Roman settlements today. During our tour, after visiting the temples, theaters, churches, and streets surrounded by columns, which have been preserved from the Roman period until today, we move to Ajloun Castle. After completing our tour here, we set out for the Dead Sea, which is 420m below sea level and is the third saltiest water in the world. In our hotel located by the lake, our guests can benefit from the pool beach of our hotel, witness a unique experience in the Dead Sea, and enjoy swimming in the lake without sinking. Dinner and overnight will be at our hotel.


We have our breakfast at our hotel, then we perform our check-out process. For a day where we will have a different experience for many of us, we are moving to our camp in Wadi Rum, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage list. Upon Our Arrival in Wadi Rum, After the Safari with Camels, Jeeps will take us and we will begin our Jeep safari to the depths of Wadi Rum, where we will feel the feeling of eternity. We are sure that this extraordinary view, which will welcome you with red sand dunes, will impress you from the moment you arrive at Wadi Rum, which is shown as the surface of Mars in the movie Red Planet, in Wadi Rum, i.e. the valley of the moon, which is considered the largest valley in the country. After seeing the Khal-in Canyon, Little Bridge, and the house where the famous English spy Lawrence lived, we take lots of photos and try to understand the desert life and culture better in this unforgettable safari tour that we will take with 4x4 vehicles. After the sunset on the sand dunes, we move to our camp where we will stay. We take our dinner in our camp and gather around the campfire in the evening, chatting with songs and watching the magnificent view of the stars in the sky. Accommodation will be at our camp.


We have our breakfast in our camp, then we turn our direction to Aqaba. At the exit of Wadi Rum, after seeing the Wadi Rum Station, where the famous Hejaz Railway passes, which is strategically important and was built by Sultan Abdulhamit II in 1900 during the Ottoman period, we enter our hotel where we will stay in Aqaba. By taking advantage of the hotel's pool and private beach, you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun in the Red Sea, or our guests can experience diving in the Red Sea. In addition, you can join the boat tour to see the rich Corals, Reefs, fish diversity, and shipwrecks in the Red Sea with glass-bottomed boats. Accommodation and dinner will be in our hotel in Aqaba, where we will have the opportunity to benefit from the hotel's pool and beach throughout the day.


We have our breakfast at our hotel in the morning, we start to explore the ancient city of Petra, which is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and is included in the list of 7 new wonders of the world. In the fascinating environment of Petra, the lost city of the Nabataeans, an indispensable point that is seen as the most important reason to come to Jordan, firstly, after walking for a while through a corridor formed by rocks of approximately 1.2 km to reach this hidden city in the canyon structure, we all first see in the postcards in the documentaries. Al-Khazneh (Treasure) King Rock Tomb will appear before us. After the photo break we will give here, we reach the El-Deir Monastery, which is the largest structure after approximately 850 steps. This fascinating place has hosted the shooting of famous movies such as Indiana Jones, Simbad, and The Mummy. This ancient city called “Rose Red City” will impress you as soon as you enter. After sipping our famous Bedouin tea or coffee, we are moving to our hotel where we will stay. Dinner and accommodation in our hotel. We are attending the Petra Night event to witness a magnificent visual feast with our guests who desire after the meal. (Everyone will get their own entrance ticket for this optional event.)


We have our breakfast in our hotel in the morning. We will see Mount Nebo, which is thought to be the place where Moses first saw the holy land. Then we move on to the city of Mabada, famous for its mosaics. Here we see the Church of St. George and the first mosaic map found in this geography. Afterward, with our departure and arrival in the capital Amman, our city tour in Amman, which is a mixture of the modern and the old, the Roman Theatre, which is still used for cultural and artistic activities with a capacity of 6,000, the Amman Castle located on one of the 7 hills that make up Amman, the Umayyad Palace, the National The museum and the King Abdullah Mosque, named after Abdullah I, are among the places we will see. After our tour, we give free time for our shopping and after having our dinner at the restaurant where we will have our dinner, we transfer to the airport for our return journey. After our ticket and baggage procedures at the Pegasus Airlines counter, we fly to Antalya at 03:45 with İstanbul flight PC1801. Upon our arrival in Antalya at 05:20 local time, we bid you farewell to meet in another organization after our Passport and Customs procedures.

Departure Places

    Moments to Live

    ** In Petra, the lost city of the Nabataeans, we are visiting structures such as the treasure theater, monastery, and temple, carved into the limestone.

    ** We watch the holy land, known as the promised land, from Mount Nebo.

    **We are visiting Petra, the lost city of the Nabataeans, which is considered one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

    ** We are visiting the "Mosaic City Madabay", where the famous 5000-year-old mosaic map is located.

    ** We are visiting Amman, one of the oldest cities in history, which was founded in 7000 BC.

    ** We do Jeep and camel safaris in Wadi_i Rum, Jordan's largest valley. We watch the sunset on the dunes.

    ** We are visiting the ancient city of Jerasch, which is still awe-inspiring today.

    ** We have the opportunity to visit and swim in the Dead Sea (the Dead Sea), which is at the lowest level of the world.

    ** In Wadi Rum, surrounded by sand dunes resembling the surface of Mars, we have the opportunity to watch the stars at night by staying in the desert in balloon camps. In the Bedouin camp, we find the opportunity to taste different flavors with the dinner cooked in the desert in the sand fire, and we have pleasant conversations by the fire.

    **We dive in the Red Sea, one of the few diving centers in the world, and see reefs and corals with glass boats.

    ** With Petra By Night, we have the opportunity to experience Petra at night, accompanied by a magnificent visual feast.


    Cancellation Conditions

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