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     7 Nights – 9 Days


Thessaloniki – Igoumenitsa – Naples – Pompeii – Rome – Florence – Pisa – Siena – Venice – Milan – Verona –Ljublijana- Belgrade- Sofia

Tour Date:

20 January / 10 February / 10 March / 14 April / 19 April / 20 April / 28 April / 05 May / 19 May / 02 June / 16 June / 23 June / 14 July / 28 July / 11 August / 25 August / 08 September / 22 September / 06 October / 20 October / 10 November

January Semester: January 20
April Semester: April 14
Ramadan Feast: 19 April / 20 April
Eid al-Adha: June 23
November Semester: November 10

1st/2nd Day – Istanbul – Thessaloniki – Igoumenitsa 

On the first day of our trip, departure to Kadıköy Marriage Office at 22:00, Mecidiyeköy İstikbal Mobilya Front at 22:30 and İncirli Ömür plaza at 23:00, departure to Isparta Kule Truck Park at 23:30 and arriving in İpsala via Tekirdağ. . Entering Greece after Customs and Passport procedures. Arrival to Thessaloniki via Dedeağaç, Komotini, Xanthi. Then Thessaloniki City Tour. During our city tour, Kordon, White Tower, Rotary Tower, Fair Square, Ottoman and Byzantine works, Hagia Dimitros Cathedral, the largest Cathedral in Greece, and Alexander the Great Statue are among the places to see. At the end of our tour, we visit the house of the Great Leader Atatürk. After a short rest break, we walk along Kordon Neck, famous for its cafes in Thessaloniki, and taste Greece's famous coffee, Frape, in the cafes. Free time after the city tour. Meeting at the time specified by our guide and departure to Igoumenitsa Port. Following the customs procedures, transfer to the places reserved for our Group and departure at 23:30. Our night will be spent on a ferry ride.

Day 3: Bari (Brindisi) – Rome (Pompeii & Rome Under Lights)

Following our arrival in the Italian port city of Bari or Brindisi at 09.30 in the morning local time, we will have the opportunity to visit the Ancient City of Pompe at a discounted price (Extra 75 €) on our itinerary organized by your guide with our bus. In this tour, you will see the shops that have become ruins as a result of the volcanic eruption, the houses where the villagers lived, the amphitheatre, and the city square in Pompeii, which was founded at the foot of Mount Vesuvius and is one of the few ancient cities in the world that has been preserved to best reflect its former state until today. Then departure and arrival to Rome, the capital of Italy. Checking into our hotel, free time. After resting for a while, we take the Rome Under the Lights (By Night) Evening Tour (Extra 25€), which will be organized as an extra by your guide, with our guests who wish. During our trip, we will have the opportunity to picture Rome under the lights from Lovers' Hill, the highest hill in Rome, and then Navona Square, Pantheon, Colosseum, Via Del Corso, Piazza Del Popolo are the places we will see under the evening lights. Overnight at our hotel.

Day 4: Rome

After breakfast, we take the Rome City Promotional Tour. Among the places to see; We see the Vatican, which is considered the center of Christianity, the Cathedral of San Pietro and the Venice Square designed by the famous architect Bernini. Afterwards, we see the Colosseo, the Roman Forum, the Traiano Forum, the Circo Massimo race area, the Venice square where Mussolini addressed the public, the Vittoriano Victory Monument, the Love Monument. fountain {Fontana di Trevi} and Spanish Steps {Piazza di Spagna}. Free time in the city. Overnight at your hotel.

Day 5: Rome – Florence

After breakfast, we vacate the rooms and move to Florence with our private bus waiting for our group. Our guests can join the Siena tour, the important historical city of the Tuscan region, which will be organized as an extra. We will take a time travel from the present to the past while visiting the historical medieval streets dating back to the Etruscans. We will see Siena Square and examples of Gothic Roman architecture (45 EUR). After arriving in the city, we take a city tour of FLORENCE. On this tour, the Arno River, Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Uffizi Art Gallery, San Giovanni Battista Baptistery, Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Signoria Palace are among the panoramic places to see. After the tour, our guests can spend their free time in the city center by getting to know the city better and shopping. Transfer to our hotel, room distribution and overnight stay at our hotel.

Day 6: Florence – Venice

After breakfast, we depart for Venice with our private bus waiting for our group. Our guests can join the Pisa tour if they wish. Campo die Miracoli (Doumo Square), which reminds us of the Etruscans with its leaning bell tower, and the Cylinder-shaped Baptistery are among the places we will see in Pissa. (45 EUR) Upon our arrival in Venice, we walk towards San Marco Square to get to know Venice. If our guests approve, we arrive at the historical San Marco Square with private ferries (15 €). The Square and San Marco Cathedral, the Palace of the Dukes, the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge are among the places to see with our guide. Our guests who wish can participate in the Extra Gondola trip organized by your guide for an extra fee (€25). By participating in the canals tour with gondolas, we have the opportunity to explore the romantic and historical canals in more detail from the water.

Day 7: Venice- (Milano Verona & Garda)

Free time after breakfast. For our guests who wish, we offer a full-day Extra (90 €) Milan & Verona & Garda tour, which will be organized as an extra by your guide. On our trip, we first arrive in Verona, where Italy's marble and the house of Romeo and Juliet, where the world's most famous love affair took place, are located. We will have the opportunity to see the old city, the Historical Arena, where concerts still take place today, the Seigneurs' Palace, Brave-Dante and Erbe Square. We leave Verona and visit Lake Garda, famous for its natural beauties, which tourists from many countries of the world cannot do without visiting during this season, and then we move to the city center of Milan, the city of Industry and Fashion. During our Milan city tour, we come to the famous Doumo square by walking through the stylish streets of the city. In the square, we see the Doumo Cathedral, one of the most important and architecturally magnificent works of Italy. We complete our time in Milan by shopping at Galeria Vittoria Emanuele Market and the Famous Buenos Aires Boulevard. Departure and arrival in Venice. Accommodation in our hotel.

Day 8: Venice – Belgrade (Ljubljana)

After breakfast, check out the rooms and move towards Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. If our guests wish, they can visit the Capital of Slovenia, 2016 European Green Capital award-winning Ljubljana (Extra 25 €), which will be organized as an extra by your guide on our route. In our panoramic city tour, we will include the Ljubljana River, the Parliament building, Ljubljana University, the Old Square, the Dragon Statue. , Dragon Bridge, Tivoli Park, St.Nicholas Cathedral and Preseren Square. Departure from the city, arrive in Belgrade via Croatia and stay at our hotel.

Day 9: Belgrade - Sofia - Istanbul

After breakfast, evacuation of the rooms and departure: Arrival in Sofia, the Capital of Bulgaria, at noon. Following your arrival, there will be a Sofia Panoramic city tour. During our trip, St. Nedelya Church, Rotonda Church, Russian Church, Hagia Sophia Church, Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, Prime Ministry, Parliament, Sofia University and Banya Bashi Mosque are among the places to see. After the bus journey, departure and arrival in Istanbul. Our trip is coming to an end. Hope to see you in another tour organization. (Estimated arrival time at 02:00 the next day, depending on customs clearance.)

Tour Details

Departure Locations:
    Tour Departure Dates:
    19 July • 02, 16, 30 August • 13, 27 September • 11, 25 October • 08 November
    Date OptionsDouble Room
    Per person
    19.07.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    02.08.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    16.08.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    30.08.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    13.09.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    27.09.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    11.10.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    25.10.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €
    08.11.2024ViyaTravel Otel549,00 €

    Included Services

    • Comfortable transportation service with Luxury Buses between Istanbul - Thessaloniki - Igoumenitsa - Bari - Rome - Florence - Venice - Belgrade - Sofia - Istanbul.
    • City tours in Rome - Florence - Venice - Thessaloniki - Belgrade - Sofia.
    • 2 Nights Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in a 3* or 4* Hotel in Rome..
    • 1 Night Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in a 3* or 4* Hotel in Florence (Surroundings).
    • 2 Nights Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in a 3* or 4* Hotel in Venice (Surroundings)
    • 1 Night Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in a 4* Hotel in Belgrade..
    • Ferry journey between Igoumenitsa – Bari (Brindisi). (ATS-Pulman type seat)
    • Professional Turkish Guidance services.
    • Limited in-car water service
    •   All highway check-point and parking fees
    •   Customs Duties

    Services not included in the price

    • Visa fee and service fee (Multiple Entry Schengen Visa)
    • Foreign exit tax,
    • Travel health insurance
    • Extra rounds.
    • City Accommodation Taxes
    • Museum, ruins, etc. entrance fees
    • Lunch and Dinner,
    • Extra tours organized by the guide
    • All personal expenses
    • Optional driver tips
    Additional information


    - Our participating guests are required to have a Multi-Entry Schengen visa valid for the duration of the tour. (Green Passport holders are exempt from visa.)
    - During the tour, it is sufficient to have Euros for shopping and spending in all countries in the program. In regions where the local currency is used, the Guide will help you convert money.
    - Comfortable walking shoes or sports shoes should be preferred during the trip. It would be useful to have a cardigan etc. with you for the night.
    - Rotation (seat change) is applied in seat planning on a daily basis in our tours, and fixed seats and front seats are not guaranteed. Seat changes are organized by the vehicle guide.

    - When entering Turkey from abroad, a stay of at least 3 days is required in order to bring goods (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.).
    - Free shop shopping limit when entering Turkey from abroad: Cigarettes: 3 cartons, Alcoholic Beverages: 1 liter Alcoholic beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages containing more than 22% alcohol, wine and champagne), Alcoholic Beverages: 2 liters Alcoholic beverages (% Alcoholic beverages containing less than 22% alcohol, including wine and champagne), Perfume: 600 ml, Make-up or Skin Care Products: 5 pieces, Chocolate and Confectionery: 2 kg, Coffee: 1 kg, Tea: 1 kg
    - Guides may make changes in the program flow depending on weather and road conditions, provided that they show all the places specified in the tour program.
    - Our guests who have registered for the tour have the right to cancel free of charge up to 30 days before the tour date. If there are less than 30 days left before the tour date, a 30% penalty will be applied, and if there will be a stay of 20 days or less, a 100% penalty will be applied. Unfortunately, documents such as hospital reports, workplace permits, etc. are not accepted when canceling the hotel they will stay in and the services they will receive outside Turkey.

    -Our Tour Program is organized with a minimum participation requirement of 25 people. If there is not enough participation for the trip, the last cancellation notification date is 20 days before the tour departure. Canceled tour due to lack of participation will be notified by the Agency.
    -In cases where only category information is given without specifying the name in the tour program and/or there are options for the same destination, the hotel(s) will be notified by the Agency 2 days before the trip departure.
    -Fair, congress, concert, event, sports tournament, etc. During such periods, hotels can be used at distances greater than the specified km. In such a case, the Agency will inform you 15 days before the departure date of the tour.
    - Rooms for 3 people can be given according to the availability of the hotels, and the bed allocated to the 3rd person in these types of rooms is smaller than standard beds. Triple rooms consist of 1 large bed + 1 extra bed. Extra beds. Since they consist of beds called open-close and coach beds, tour participants are deemed to have declared that they accept the type of bed and congestion that may be experienced in the rooms for 3rd person and/or child reservations. Child discounts are valid for only one child - matching the age group - staying with 2 adults.
    -Breakfasts taken at the hotel, among the services included in the tour program, are offered with a limited menu consisting of butter, jam, bread, tea or coffee, in accordance with the breakfast culture of the country and generally called a continental breakfast, and can be served for groups in a separate hall allocated to the group.

    - Panoramic city tours included in the tour package are tours of maximum 2-3 hours, organized for the general introduction of the cities and panoramic with narration from the in-car guide, and do not include entrances to museums and ruins. Panoramic tours, including other tours specified in the program, are not allowed to be visited or entered by local authorities on the day and time of the tour, or if the tour is not allowed due to closed roads due to any event, or if the tour becomes impossible due to weather conditions. The Agency is not responsible for tours not being held. Some tours can be done by public transport or on foot, if possible, on closed roads or at points where vehicle entry is not allowed.
    - During the travel, the waiting time at the customs gates crossed by road may exceed the standards, and the Agency cannot be held responsible for any negativities caused by these waiting times.

    -Extra tours are organized by the local agency from which we receive service, with the participation of at least 20 people. If sufficient numbers are not provided, excursions cannot be made or extra excursion prices, content, and vehicle to be used vary depending on the number of participants. In addition, the days and hours of the tours can be changed by the guide depending on the open/closed status of the museums and historical sites in the places to be visited and the weather conditions.
    - Extra tours are optional and not mandatory. Passengers who do not want to participate in extra tours organized during the tour are deemed to have agreed to wait at an available rest facility on the road. These passengers are dropped off at the on-road rest facility before the extra tour starts, and are picked up from the point where they were left after the tour is completed.
    - Check-in and boarding procedures for people participating in air tours are personal transactions and must be completed by the guest before the flight, at the relevant airline counters at the airports or on-line on the airline companies' websites.

    - The Agency is not responsible for the failure of people who are not present at the specified airport at the hours notified by the Agency to participate in the tour, who do not complete the check-in and boarding procedures on time, or who do not board the plane but who complete the check-in and boarding procedures on time. People who miss their flights are responsible for all expenses related to their new round-trip flight tickets and transfers to the destination area in order to be included in the tour.
    - The agency is an intermediary institution between the airline and the passenger and is subject to the Hague Protocol of 28.09.1955. There may be a risk of delay in scheduled and private flights, or times may change before the current trip and flight. The agency is obliged to notify these changes as soon as possible. The passenger purchased the trip by accepting the risk of time change. Children between the ages of 0-2 do not pay area tax and area services fees.

    -Vehicle Types Used in Our Tours are classified as follows according to the Number of People. The following vehicle types are determined according to the number of people on each tour.
    Buses: (Used for 25 - 46 people) *Mercedes Travego/Tourismo *NEOPLAN Cityliner/Tourliner -*Temsa Safir/Maraton *Man Fortuna
    Midibuses: (Used for 17 - 24 people) *Isuzu Turkuaz, *Otokar Mega
    Minibuses: (Used for up to 16 people) *Vw Volt, *Mercedes Sprinter
    -All guests are deemed to have completed the sale of the tour by accepting the above-mentioned items.


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